A/B Testing for Experts fitting their Requirements

The A/B testing platform that meets your privacy requirements, is rocket fast, and provides the best capabilities for implementing your experiments. Plus it's affordable.

Why Companies choose ABlyft

Data Protection & Privacy Compliance - for legal certainty

Privacy compliance isn't just a feature - it's a requirement for continued serious experimentation! ABlyft was developed with this approach and continuously adapts to requirements.

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Performance - for best User Experiences

We are rock solid and rocket fast. With a super tiny snippet, superb CDN and the possibility to host the snippet yourself we are faster than other solutions. Goodbye to any flickering and performance doubts!

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Productivity - for agile Experimentation

From the small agency to the enterprise, it always remains fast and clear. With a strong focus on developers and an easy to use powerful visual editor you are capable of testing any of your ideas.

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We keep Enterprise A/B-Testing affordable

You should focus on the growth of your business.
With our affordable pricing, you can invest in experimentation - and not spend it all on one tool.
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What makes ABlyft different?

Our A/B testing platform was developed from practical experience. No marketeer made things up, but experienced testing engineers and testing managers who have worked in this area for years. From developers for developers. From optimizers for optimizers!

Why don't I know ABlyft until now?

ABlyft has been used by large and smaller companies to date. They have reached us through various channels and have remained satisfied with us. In short: We are excellent at providing an experimentation platform - but not good at self marketing.

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You can test ABlyft directly. No credit card is needed, you can just get started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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