Data Protection & Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance isn't just a feature - it's a requirement for continued serious experimentation! ABlyft was developed with this approach and continuously adapts to requirements.

Data Protection - developed according to 'Privacy First'

No personal data or 'personal identifiable information' is stored. Neither IPs, user IDs or any individual information about the user. All data is stored aggregated and gives you all the information for your decisions.

Definable Rules - align with Cookie Consent and all other criteria

You have it in your own hands when ABlyft runs. In addition to targeting for experiments, this also applies in a superordinate way. It works with your cookie consent flow and gives you many more options for full control.

We are German - Hosting & whole Company in Germany

Adhering to current law can be very complicated. As a purely German company, we are subject to the highest requirements worldwide. From Germany via Europe to the whole world - rocket fast!

We do not store any personal data. Nothing.

Legal departments love us. We measure everything that matters for learnings and decisions in your A/B tests. However, we have refrained from proactively any more data.

  • We do not store IP addresses. Also, no user ID or the like is stored.
  • Only aggregated data is stored - i.e. no actions of a single visitor
  • Prevent ABlyft from running in sensitive areas (e.g. user accounts)

PS: It is even possible to set up your own tracker. This way, no information is transferred to ABlyft at all.

Hosting & Compliance

The topic of data protection is now a must for the vast majority of companies. To ensure that this is not a show stopper in A/B testing, ABlyft meets and exceeds even the requirements in the toughest markets worldwide. For safer experimentation for your business.

No Personal Data stored

ABlyft does not store any personal data on the platform. All data is kept in aggregated form and cannot be assigned to any visitor. Even separately, no visitor data is stored - no IP address, no user ID, etc.

Secure High-Performance-CDN

ABlyft can be embedded synchronously or asynchronously. Just embed it with a line of JavaScript or use your existing tag manager. ABlyft can also be embedded by consent systems.

Self Hosting easily possible

A simple and secure self-hosting flow is available as a further option. No external resources are loaded and yet the snippet is always automatically kept up-to-date. Release processes are also easily possible via this.

Hosting and Storage in Germany

All data and files are stored on highly secure servers. The data center is certified according to the highest standards and enjoys the trust of even the largest customers in the enterprise sector. In addition to best loading time, this means your data is safe.

Revisions thanks to GIT Connection

Every change of the snippet can store the current version via GIT if required. This allows you to see what your snippet looked like, when, and what was changed at any time on GitHub or Bitbucket. And this is done by an independent party.

Cookie Live Time and DoNotTrack Settings

Determine the duration of the set Cookies completely freely - so that it corresponds to your requirements. Decide if you want to test with visitors who have the DoNotTrack setting enabled.

Two-Factor Authentication

Secure your account with two-factor authentication. This way you can also meet the compliance guidelines of major customers or your company.

Use your own Tracker

For the storage of Goals/Events you can either add your own or send all tracking calls to your own service/server. Here we are happy to help you.

Change Log

All changes to experiments are stored in a change log. This way you always have an overview of who changed what and when. From the status change to the adjustment of the targeting, etc.

Experimentation with Protection for your Company

Your company itself also has high requirements for secure processes and data protection? Our platform covers that.
Among many features we support with

  • giving you a dedicated contact person for all your topics
  • a helping hand in implementation with your Cookie Consent System
  • the possibility to perform server-side experiments
  • settings and features tailored to the needs of your business
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