We are rock solid and rocket fast. With a super tiny snippet, superb CDN and the possibility to host the snippet yourself we are faster than other solutions. Goodbye to any flickering and performance doubts!

Super Slim Snippet - without any Overhead and Ballast

We have chosen a smart way to deliver your experiments. Our snippet is initially only 13KB small. It comes without overhead and unnecessary ballast. This gives you more freedom in your experiments and no worries about performance.

High Performance CDN - rocket fast, no matter from where

To implement ABlyft, all you need to do is load a JavaScript snippet. This works incredibly fast from anywhere in the world. It loads in a fraction of a blink of an eye (30ms). So your website won't slow down and your users won't have any limitations in their experience.

Self-Hosting possible - and still completely flexible

You can load ABlyft from CDN, embed it via a tag manager or host it yourself. If you host it yourself, you have the advantage of not loading scripts from outside. Still, you can enjoy all the benefits of ABlyft. It is designed according to your requirements.

Features for High Performance A/B Testing

ABlyft stands for highest performance in the base and many possibilities to run even complex experiments rocket fast.

Secure High-Performance-CDN

ABlyft can be embedded synchronously or asynchronously. Just embed it with a line of JavaScript or use your existing tag manager. ABlyft can also be embedded by consent systems.

Self Hosting easily possible

A simple and secure self-hosting flow is available as a further option. No external resources are loaded and yet the snippet is always automatically kept up-to-date. Release processes are also easily possible via this.

Auto Minification

Keep your developed code complete and with all comments in the platform. ABlyft can take care of minifying the code automatically. This ensures best readability in the platform and the smallest possible snippet on the website.

Slim and super fast Snippet

The JavaScript snippet is trimmed for efficiency. The payload by the snippet is very low (about 30% of other tools) and the loading time is extremely low due to a high performance CDN.

Helper Functions

Callback, if an element appears in the DOM? Or appears in the viewport? Read URL parameters, work with cookies and parse URLs? For many practical tasks there are easy to use methods available.

Asset Management

Upload assets (e.g. images) in a central location and use them in any experiment. Keep an overview of where which assets are used. Delete unused assets with one click. No more workarounds for icons, graphics and backgrounds.

Will ABlyft slow my Site and affect my Core Web Vitals Score?

ABlyft is super fast and won't affect your website's loading time.

What CDN (Content Delivery Network) does ABlyft use for providing the Snippet?

ABlyft uses the CloudFront CDN (Amazon Webservices).

Our Website has a lot of Traffic. Can ABlyft handle that?

ABlyft is used by customers who have a lot of traffic. Even the largest loads do not affect the performance.

Can I implement ABlyft via a Tag Manager?

ABlyft can be integrated via a tag manager. It does not matter - technically speaking - whether ABlyft is loaded synchronously or asynchronously.

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