A Platform made by Developers for Developers

ABlyft is the A/B testing platform for experts. Anyone who has already dealt with web experiments knows that no relevant experiments can be created using a “code free editor”. We are free of ballast. We stand for a platform made by Developers for Developers.

JS on every Level

Reuse your code on all levels: Project, Experiments and Variations. And of course also in Targeting like Audiences and Pages.

Super rich Targeting

Show Experiments only to the Audiences who should participate. And only on the sites that are affected.

Rocket fast

Everything was trimmed for speed. Don’t wait for publishing anymore and don’t fear flickering. Anti-Interruption of the workflow – you know why.

Everything in its place

Have you already worked with good testing tools? Then you feel at home! Are you new to the field? You will find everything where you expect it to be!

A Platform made by Developers for Developers

Security and Compliance

High Scalability

One of the most secure and experienced hosting providers is used and ensures highest performance on enterprise level.

Privacy by Design

We don’t store IP addresses or user IDs in the platform. The whole platform follows the rules “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default”.

Powered by German Engineering

ABlyft was developed in the country with the strictest data protection regulations in the world. It is also hosted there.

Prepared for Self-Hosting

With ABlyft you can create an automated workflow. This can be used to store the snippet on your own server and load it directly from there.

Notification of Changes

ABlyft can inform stakeholders about changes. So the developer no longer has to inform himself when a test has been started or paused.

Save each Modification via GIT

For each change that the snippet updates (publishes), a commit/push can be made to a separate GIT repository.

Learn more about Security, Compliance and Privacy

Integrate with everything with a JS Tracker

Endless Integrations

Connect any third-party tool to ABlyft. As long as it has a JS tracker, you can also use your results here.
Default Integrations: The most popular tool providers can be used with just one click. Activate and the data will be transferred.
Custom Integrations: To use your own integration, the JS of the provider can simply be copied into it and filled with placeholders.

More Features for Experts

More of what makes us even more Pro

ABlyft can inform stakeholders about changes. So the developer no longer has to inform himself when a test has been started or paused.

A/B-Testing on SPAs

With ABlyft you can also perform A/B tests on websites that are built as single page applications. No matter if you use Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, Meteor or other technologies – ABlyft provides the tools.  

Built-in Anti-Flickering

If you as a developer of A/B tests know exactly how to prevent flickering, take it into your own hands. For all the uncertainties, just activate the built-in mechanics that prevent the original version from being seen for a short time when you’re supposed to see a variant.

This prevents a distraction of the visitor and if necessary a falsification of the test results.

Results in Real Time

Sometimes it can be really annoying to wait for results. Especially when it comes to the quality assurance of experiments and goals, this often prevents rapid progress.   ABlyft broadcasts all events with a maximum delay of one minute.
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